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Due to smoking, consumption of coffee, tea or wine or age related, our teeth may not look as bright as they once did. The process is very simple and easy to initiate. First we take an impression of your teeth to make a personal mouthpiece fitted to your exact specifications. By applying the tooth whitening gel inside the mouthpiece and wearing the mouthpiece over your teeth for 30 mins. per day, most people will see quick results after the first three or four sessions. With advancements in teeth whitening systems almost everyone can benefit from a more beautiful smile.


Let our experienced team help you regain the confidence to show off your smile. Contact the West Hamilton Denture Clinic team today to learn more about our teeth whitening services. A denturist will help determine if you’re a candidate for our whitening system.



Mouth guards should be considered an essential part of equipment in any sports related activity where there is a risk of equipment or bodily contact with your head or mouth. Most team sports fall into this category with the highest percentage of injuries recorded in basketball and baseball. If a mouth guard interferes with breathing or speech, or if it feels uncomfortable, it won’t be worn. Do what you can to protect your smile and preserve your health by obtaining a personally fitted mouth guard.

Regardless of your age or sport, mouth guards are critical to protect your smile. The West Hamilton Denture Clinic team can ensure that you have a professionally made and properly sized mouth guard.

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